Pathway Builder: Publish Your Pathway Components

Before building a Pathway, it’s important to publish the resources to the Credential Registry that will be your Pathway Components. Examples of resources include: assessments, courses, credentials and jobs. Pathway Components serve as proxies for resources in the Credential Registry, providing rich and actionable information for both humans and machines. By publishing your resources, you can leverage the data already available in the Registry and reuse them to build your pathway. Alternatively, you can publish assessments, courses, and credentials on-the-fly while building a pathway.

Publish the following resources that you own or offer to the Credential Registry before building your Pathway. If other organizations own or offer components included in your Pathway, they can publish those as well. The Pathway Builder allows you to access all the resources of these types from the Registry:

  • Assessments
  • Competencies
  • Courses
  • Credentials
  • Jobs and Occupations
  • Progression Model
  • Support Services

To publish your resources, follow these steps:

  1. Create your Credential Engine Account
  2. Log into the Credential Registry Publishing System
  3. Upload or enter the information about your resources. Make sure to review and approve the information to be published to the Credential Registry. Learn more about publishing options
  4. Once the information is approved, a Credential Engine team member will conduct a cursory review and publish it. The publishing process typically takes minutes and is usually completed on the same business day. You will be notified by the Credential Engine system as soon as the publishing is completed.
  5. You can view all the published data in the Credential Finder (, a tool that allows you to see all the information available in the Credential Registry.

Now that your Pathway resources are published and available in the Registry, you can Start Your Pathway and Get Pathway Component From the Credential Registry.