Get Started: Manual Entry

Getting StartedManual Entry


The Manual Entry tool within the Credential Publisher offers a user-friendly interface for organizations looking to input small quantities of information efficiently. This manual entry interface is perfect for staff familiar with and having access to the relevant data required for the selected type of manual entry.

How It Works:

The Manual Entry tool streamlines the process of inputting information directly into the Credential Publisher. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the tool:

  1. Populate the Manual Entry Form:
    • Fill out the manual entry form with your organization’s credential data. Red fields indicate required data.
  2. Save to the Publisher:
    • Use the Manual Entry tool to save your data directly to the Credential Publisher.
  3. Review and Approval:
    • Take a moment to review the entered data for accuracy and completeness.
  4. Credential Engine Review:
    • After approval, Credential Engine will review the submitted data and, upon validation, publish it to the Credential Registry.

Who Should Use The Tool:

The Manual Entry tool is specifically designed for staff within organizations who are familiar with and have access to the information relevant to the type of manual entry selected. It provides a straightforward solution for efficiently inputting small quantities of credential information.

Get Started:

Begin contributing to the Credential Registry. Select the relevant instructions for the type of data you’re inputting using the Manual Entry tool and make your mark in the evolving landscape of credential data.

Support and Assistance:

For any inquiries, guidance, or additional support, contact our Publishing team at