Get Started: Set Up Your Credential Engine Account

Getting Started

These instructions will help you navigate through the two-part process of account creation and adding an organization so you can publish data to the Credential Registry.

Create Your Account

  1. To create your account, start by accessing our Accounts System. Fill in your personal information in the provided fields in Step 1 and 2.
  2. After submitting, you’ll receive an email prompting you to confirm your account. Clicking the confirmation link will take you to a new page where you’ll need to enter your organization’s details.

Add Your Organization

  1. After confirming your account, you will proceed to a page to input your organization’s details. Essential fields are marked in red and must be completed.
    • If You Are Publishing Data:
      1. Choose “We will be publishing data to the Registry.”
      2. Select the applicable Publishing Role(s), and one or more may be chosen.
      3. Pick your publishing method(s), and one or more options may be selected.
    • If You Are Consuming Data:
      1. Opt for “We will be consuming data from the Registry.”
      2. Choose your consumption method(s), and one or more can be selected:
        • Use Graph Search API: For real-time searching using the Registry Search API.
        • Downloading Data for Offline Storage: To download data for offline use or in another application.
        • Customizing Credential Finder Widgets: Create a customized credential search to embed on your website.
        • You may choose to BOTH consume AND publish if desired.

2. Add Details About Your Organization

  • In the next section, provide basic information about your organization, including its Name, website URL, FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number), DUNS, OPEID, sector, and type. Note: An FEIN is a nine-digit number.

3. Add Publishing Estimates

  • If publishing credentials, estimate the number of credentials your organization will publish. For each credential type, “add a new publishing estimate.”

4. Save Your Information

  • After completing the above, save your organization’s information by choosing:
    • Save without Submitting: Save as a draft for future changes.
    • Save and Submit for Approval: Notify Credential Engine for review. You’ll be informed via email upon submission and decision.

5. Upon approval, you will be able to add your organization’s credentials to the Credential Publisher at

Note: Update your organization’s information anytime via the Publisher’s Accounts Dashboard.

Adding New Users to an Existing Account

After obtaining an active account and organization approval, you can add more users to assist in collecting and submitting data to the Credential Registry.

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click “Account Dashboard.”
  3. Under “My Organization,” select the “Users” tab.
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click “Add User.”
  5. Enter the new user’s information and click “Invite.”
  6. The new user will then receive an email prompting them to verify their account.

Grant Permissions For Third-Party Publishers

Once your account is active and approved, you can grant permissions to third parties, such as a state agency, integration partner, or higher education vendor to publish on your organization’s behalf. Third-party publishers will request permission to publish on your behalf, which will notify your organization admins.

  1. Log into your account via and go to your dashboard. You can also click the link in the notification email.
  2. Click on the Third Party Publishing tab
  3. Go to the Pending Publisher Requests section
  4. Click Grant Permission

You will see the list of approved third-party publishers for your organization under the “Current Publishers” section.