Getting Started: Third Party Publishing Requesting and Granting Access

Getting StartedThird Party Publishing

Third-party publishing on Credential Engine refers to the ability for organizations other than the credential issuer (e.g., educational institutions, training providers, certification bodies) to publish information about credentials on the Credential Registry.

The following instructions are for requesting and granting Third Party Publishing access to publish on behalf of an institution to the Credential Registry. 

These instructions are designed for two key stakeholders: the Trusted Publisher, responsible for publishing on behalf of an organization, and the Recipient, whose data is being published to the Registry. The Trusted Publisher should adhere to the Requesting Third Party Publishing Access instructions, while the Recipient should follow the Granting Third Party Publishing Access instructions. This ensures a clear process for both parties involved in the third-party publishing workflow. 

If you need additional instructions or have questions, please reach out to the Accounts and Publishing Team at

Requesting Third Party Publishing Access (Guidance for Trusted Publisher)

  1. After the institution you’re representing has created an account and received approval to start publishing in the Credential Registry, you can seek Third Party Publishing access. To make this request on behalf of another institution, go to your Account Dashboard at
  2. From your Account Dashboard, locate the ‘Third Party Publishing (Publisher)’ button beneath your organization name. Within this tab, click on the ‘Request Publishing Permission From a New Organization’ button located at the bottom right-hand side.
  3. After clicking the ‘Request Publishing Permission From a New Organization’ button, you’ll be taken to the ‘Request Third-Party Publishing Permission’ page. To find the organization, start typing its name under ‘Organization Name.’ As you type, the matching organization will appear on the right-hand side. Select ‘Request Permission From This Organization’ once you see the correct one. It will then be listed on the left-hand side as currently requesting permission from. Click the ‘Request Permission From This Organization”’ button underneath the organization.
  4. You will be redirected to a Permission Form, where you will select Publishing Methods and include a note to send to the requested organization. When the form is filled out and you’re ready to request publishing access, click the ‘Request Permission from the Selected Organization’ button at the bottom of the screen. When you submit your request, it will notify the contacts within the organization that you are seeking publishing access from. Once they receive the notification, the contact will log into their dashboard and grant publishing access to their organization. The organization will follow the “Granting Third Party Publishing Access” instructions below to complete this process. Upon approval, you will be notified that you have been granted permission to publish on their behalf.

Granting Third Party Publishing Access (Guidance for Recipient)

  1. Once an organization has requested Third Party Publishing access for your organization, you’ll need to grant permission. Log into your Account Dashboard and choose the ‘Third Party Publishing (Recipient)’ tab located below your organization.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Pending Publisher Permissions’ section and click the ‘Grant Permission’ button situated on the right-hand side. This action will trigger a notification to the Credential Engine team, informing them of the granted access. Subsequently, the Credential Engine will thoroughly review the permissions, finalize the access, and officially approve the Third Party Publishing.
  3. Once Credential Engine has approved the Third Party Publishing access, the Third Party Publisher can begin publishing on behalf of your organization.