Manual Entry: Updating and Approving Organization Minimum Data

CredentialsManual EntryMinimum Data

After your organization has been approved in the Credential Engine Accounts System, you will then be able to enter or update data for your organization. The following instructions are for the manual entry of minimum data. Additional instructions are for the manual entry of benchmark data recommended in the Credential Organization Benchmark Model ( are available here ( 

For further instructions or questions, please contact the Publishing team at

Entering or Updating Organization Minimum Data

  1. Once your organization has been approved to publish, access the Credential Engine Publisher here: Log in using the same login credentials you created in the Accounts System.
  2. In the Publisher, use the Search bar to find your organization. Select the ‘Edit’ button underneath your organization name. This will direct you to the Manual Editor for your organization.
  3. In the Edit screen for a credential, there are various panel options that expand to allow for changes to existing CTDL terms, as well as additional CTDL data elements that could be added. Panel options that are highlighted in green indicate that data exists for CTDL data elements within that heading. Additional changes to existing data published to the Registry can be changed via expanding the green panels.. New information to describe this credential can also be added by expanding any of the panels to display the CTDL terms and typing in the corresponding information. Please refer to the CTDL Handbook ( for additional information on CTDL terms.
  4. Expand the Organization dropdown to see a selection of CTDL terms that can be added or updated, including all the data elements required by Credential Engine’s Minimum Data Policy ( the panel is expanded, scroll to find the CTDL properties that need to be updated. Use this pane to review and update your organization’s name, description, type, and webpage.
  5. After updates are made to an existing panel, select the Save button at the bottom of the screen.
  6. To change the address or contact information about your organization, expand the “Address and Contact Information” dropdown.
  7. Scroll down to find areas to update an organization telephone number, add or update an email address, or edit an address.After updates are made in this panel, be sure to save your data.

Approving Organization Data

  1. After entering or updating your organization data, the next step is to approve your data to be published. From the navigation bar at the top of the page, click on the dropdown menu labeled ‘Summary and Downloads.’ From there, select ‘Organization Summary and Downloads’ to be directed to your Organization Summary Page.
  2. On your Organization Summary Page, in the My Organization tab, select either ‘Approve My Organization’ if you are approving your organization for the first time, or ‘Reapprove My Organization,’ if you are approving updates to your organization.
  3. Upon approval of the data, the Credential Engine team will automatically be notified of the approval to be published. Once published to the registry you will receive an email notification of the data being published. Your data will be available on the Credential Finder in about 30 minutes following the publish.