Pathway Builder: Resolving Conflict and Error Messages

Saving occurs automatically every 5 minutes. As manual and automatic saving occurs, if any of the Conflicts listed below are present, they will show in the Conflicts area of the header.

During the pathway creation process, it’s important to address any error messages and conflicts to ensure a smooth approval and publication. It’s important to review and understand any specific error messages or conflict prompts provided by the Pathway Builder interface for accurate resolution. Here’s how to handle them effectively:

  1. Save Your Pathway: Save your pathway as you work on it to retain your progress. You can save an incomplete pathway and return to it later.
  2. Error Messages and Conflicts: Once you approve a pathway, error messages and conflicts may appear if there are any unresolved issues. These can include unused cards, missing connectors, and other conflicts. The pathway cannot be approved until all errors and conflicts are resolved.
  3. Conflict Error Messages: Conflict error messages are displayed in the header’s conflicts queue. Here are some common scenarios and how to resolve them:
    1. Condition Quantity: If the required number of target components doesn’t match the count specified in the condition, an error will occur. To fix this, adjust the quantity in the Condition Component to match the number of required cards. For example, if 2 out of 3 cards are required, set the quantity to 2 and ensure there are 3 cards pointing to that Condition Component.
    2. Disconnected Condition: If a component condition is not connected to a parent component, an error will be displayed. Correct this by connecting the parent resource or component to the target resource or component.
    3. Invalid URL: Invalid URLs for subject webpages require a valid URL to a public webpage. Make sure to enter a correct and accessible URL.
    4. Missing Destination Component: Every pathway should have one destination component in the destination column of the board. Drag and drop a destination from the resource or component libraries to fulfill this requirement.
    5. Required Fields: When adding a component, ensure that all fields flagged with red as required are completed to avoid any errors.
  4. Other Error Messages: Additional error messages that prompt corrections include:
    1. Missing Connections: Every card on the board should have at least one connection to another card, always pointing towards the destination.
    2. Resources in the Left Rail: If any resource cards remain in the left rail at the time of approval, you need to either delete them or move them to the board and connect them.
    3. Resources Need to be Published: The resource for a card must be published or re-published prior to approving the pathway. You can publish resources via the Organization Summary page.