Pathway Builder: View Your Published Pathway

Once you have approved a pathway, it will be published to the Credential Registry. There are two options available for viewing your published pathways:

  1. Pathway Builder: From the header of your pathway, click on the share button after publishing to obtain the URL. Simply copy and paste this URL into a web browser to share the pathway with others.
  2. Credential Finder: Utilize the Credential Finder ( to search for and access your pathway. You can search for your pathway in two ways:
    1. Pathway Drop-Down: Use the Pathway drop-down menu to search and locate your specific pathway.
    2. Organization’s Detail Page: Go to your organization’s detail page and navigate to the Connections section. Perform a search exclusively for your pathways here.

To provide more information about the pathway, you can share the URL to your pathway’s detail page in the Credential Finder. This will offer additional details and resources related to the pathway.