Pathway Builder: CTDL and Pathway Builder Terminology

To effectively work with CTDL Pathways and the Pathway Builder, it’s important to become familiar with the associated terminology. Here are the key terms you need to know:

CTDL Terminology

  • Pathway: A structured set of Pathway Components that define points along a route towards fulfilling a goal or objective.
  • Pathway Component: Resources that serve as defined points along the route of a Pathway to a destination. These can include credentials, courses, competencies, jobs, or other relevant entities.
  • Component Condition: Describes what must be done to complete a Pathway Component or a part of it. These conditions are determined by the creator of the Pathway and specify the requirements for progression.
  • Constraint: Identifies the parameters that define a limitation or restriction applicable to a candidate pathway component through a Condition Component. Constraints provide additional specifications or restrictions for the pathway.
  • Progression Model: Defines the points along a developmental progression, which could be increasing levels of competence, complexity, achievement, or progression over time.
  • Resource: Data published to the Credential Registry and used for a Pathway Component. Resources can include: assessments, courses, credentials, jobs and more.

Pathway Builder Terminology

By understanding and using this terminology effectively, you can navigate and utilize the CTDL Pathways and the Pathway Builder tool to create dynamic and comprehensive pathways that meet your specific needs.

  • Approve: After completing your pathway, approve your pathway to be published.
  • Board: The main area where you construct your pathway. It is located between the left and right rails and below the header.
  • Card: Represents a pathway component within the Pathway Builder. Cards can include components directly imported from the Credential Registry or blank cards that you can fill in to create custom components. Each card has a “Edit” and “Delete” option. Cards are coded with icons, a type of component, and credentials are color-coded blue and components are color-coded orange.
  • Conflicts: Visible via “Show Conflicts” in the header, shows error messages that relate to the connections between cards. All conflicts have to be resolved to publish a pathway.
  • Component Library: Located in the left rail, the Component Library provides ready-to-create cards to drag and drop onto the Board.
  • Connector: A line with an arrow that connects the pathway components (cards) and indicates the pathway progression. Connectors should consistently point towards the destination.
  • Credential Registry Search: The Credential Registry Search button is at the top of the Left Rail. Select it to search for Resources in the Registry.
  • Destination: The card representing the final pathway component, which signifies the ultimate destination of the pathway.
  • Component and Resource Edit Modal: When you edit or view any component or resource, a modal window opens on the right rail, providing options to modify or review its details.
  • Header: The top area that spans across the Board, where you can access pathway information, save your progress, view conflicts, approve changes, adjust settings, exit the Pathway Builder, and access help resources.
  • Help: Located in the header, written instructions and videos are always available.
  • Left Rail: The section where selected pathway component cards and a library of ready-to-create cards are available for dragging and positioning on the board. This includes cards imported directly from the Credential Registry and blank cards for custom components. Just above the card library is the Credential Registry search button.
  • Pathway Progression: If a progression model is included with a pathway, the related levels display below the header along with Destination. Otherwise, Pathway displays along with Destination.
  • Save: Located in the header, for saving your work.
  • Right Rail: The section where you can view and edit the details of the selected cards.
  • Selected Resources: The resources imported from the Credential Registry into the Left Rail.
  • Settings: Located in the header, users can turn grid lines on, print, and access other pathway board settings.