Pathway Builder: Pathway Resources as Components

The chart below shows a listing of the types of Registry resources and components you can use to build your pathway. Pathway components can be selected directly from the Credential Registry and created through a Component Library. Additionally, assessments, credentials and courses, can be published directly to the Registry via the Pathway Builder. Other sections cover the details about searching the Registry, using the Component Library, and on-the-fly publishing.

Pathway Component Definition Card
Assessment Identifies a direct, indirect, formative, and summative evaluation or estimation of the nature, ability, or quality of a resource, performance, or outcome of an action.
Basic Identifies a resource not otherwise covered by the enumerated Pathway Component subclasses.
Co-curricular Identifies an activity, program, or informal learning experience such as a civic or service activity that supplements and complements the curriculum.
Competency Identifies a measurable or observable knowledge, skill, or ability necessary to successful performance of a person in a given context.
Course Identifies a structured sequence of one or more learning activities that aims to develop a prescribed set of knowledge, skill, or ability of learners.
Credential Identifies another resource that describes qualification, achievement, personal or organizational quality, or aspect of an identity typically used to indicate suitability.
Extracurricular Identifies an activity, program, or informal learning experience that may be offered or provided by a school, college, or other organization that is not connected to a curriculum.
Job Identifies a work position, employment, or occupation.
Linked Component Identifies a component selected from another pathway for the purpose of linking to the selected (linked) component in the pathway it originated. Note that this is an example and the component that is linked has to exist so it will have a predetermined name and come directly with the predefined information. Linked components cannot be changed.
Work Experience Identifies an activity or training through which a person gains job experience.
Condition Resource that describes what must be done to complete a Pathway Component, or part thereof, as determined by the issuer of the pathway.