Connect and Publish ACE Credit Transfer Values Your Organization Accepts | Instructions for Existing Publishers

Transfer Values

Any postsecondary, or other type of organizations, that accepts ACE credit transfer recommendations – in full or in part – can now connect their credential, learning program, or courses to the applicable ACE credit transfer value published in the Credential Registry.  These instructions are for organizations who accept ACE credit transfer recommendations and currently publish to the Credential Registry. If your organization does not currently publish to the Credential Registry, please refer to these instructions to begin:

If you are an ACE customer who wishes to publish to the Credential Registry and link directly to the recommendation published by ACE in the Credential Registry, follow the instructions below: 

Contact Credential Engine: If you have any questions or need assistance, contact our publishing team  A member of our team will respond and provide assistance to help with the publishing process.  

  1. Determine if the ACE transfer value is accepted verbatim or if it’s accepted but with different credit or criteriaIf your organization accepts the ACE credit transfer value verbatim as written towards a credential, learning program or course, use the Receives Transfer Value From instructions starting at #2 below. In this instance, there’s no need for an additional description or to indicate that either less or more transfer value is applicable.

    If your organization accepts some aspects of the ACE credit transfer value but at a different value or with other requirements, use the Transfer Value Profile instructions starting at #9 to append or change any information if the Transfer Value Profile being derived from is not accepted verbatim. An example of why you might not accept ACE credit transfer values verbatim include using a different credit unit value (e.g., semester hours) or accepting more or less of the credit value defined with the ACE transfer value.. Or if you need to provide more description concerning the Transfer Value Profile.

  2. To connect a published credential, learning program or course to the verbatim ACE credit transfer, log into the Publisher ( and navigate to the Organization Summary page by selecting the “Organization Summary and Downloads” option in the “Summary and Downloads” menu.
  3. From your Organization Summary, select the tab with the resources to be updated to include Receives Transfer Value From (e.g., if ACE transfer value recommendation is directly related to Credentials, select that tab.
  4. Adjacent to the relevant resource, select the “Edit” button.
  5. Navigate to the “Transfer Values” panel. Panel options that are highlighted in green indicate that data exists for CTDL data elements within that heading. Additional changes to existing data published to the Registry can be changed via expanding the green panels above. New information to describe a resource (e.g., a credential) can also be added by expanding any of the panels to display the CTDL terms and typing in the corresponding information. Please refer to the CTDL Handbook ( for additional information on CTDL terms.
  6. You can enter the name of an ACE transfer value directly via the “Receives Transfer Value From” to query the Credential Registry. Entering the ACE identifier at the front of the name will bring back search results so the full name is not needed. (Search the ACE National Guide ( by organization name to find the ACE identifier or full course name.)     For example, if your organization accepts ACE transfer value from Sophia Learning (,_LLC), you can enter SOPH to search what is published in the Credential Registry. Select the related ACE transfer value by selecting the “Save/Add” button.  If more than one transfer value should be added, repeat the above step. At the bottom of the page “Save Data.”  Be sure to click the “Save Data” button or you’ll lose the information you entered.
  7. To approve your resources for publishing, navigate to the Organization Summary page by selecting the “Organization Summary and Downloads” option in the “Summary and Downloads” menu.
  8.  Use the “Select” check box to select the resources that you’ve updated so they can be republished.  At the bottom of the page, select “Approve All Selected Items”. Once you’ve approved your resources, Credential Engine team members are automatically notified and will publish the updated resources.
  9. To connect a published credential, learning program or course to ACE credit transfer but at a different value or other requirements, log into the Publisher ( and navigate to the “ +Add New / Bulk Upload” menu” and select “Transfer Value Profiles” under the Bulk CSV Upload heading (middle column).
  10. Scroll to Step 2 to select the properties for uploading your new collection. Make sure the “Upload New New TransferValues” tab is selected. 
    Like any resource published to the Credential Registry, a transfer value profile requires a set of minimum data that must be included in order to publish. Expand the “Required Properties” dropdown to view the required information.
  11. Required properties of a transfer value profile include an external identifier, the name of the transfer value profile, description, webpage about the transfer value, life cycle status type, and the list of transfer values (e.g. CTIDs). All of these properties will be included when you download your collection template.
    There are some optional fields that you’ll need to add, including “Transfer Value For”. Also expand the “Required Benchmark Properties” for properties related to credit units (e.g., types and values).Add fields by selecting the check box to the right of the property.
  12. When you’ve selected all the properties you’d like to include, scroll down to Step 3 to download your template spreadsheet,
    It is recommended that you select the two check boxes to include sample data and instructions before you download the template spreadsheet.
  13. Once you have downloaded your spreadsheet, open it to begin populating it with the necessary information. Sample data and instructions have been provided.
  14. Fill out your template spreadsheet. Use one (1) row to describe each transfer value.
    When you have completed filling out the required information. Delete column A and the first two rows of upload comments and sample data.
  15. Save your file as a CSV and return to your organization’s Transfer Value Bulk Upload page. Scroll to Step 5 where you will upload your file.
  16. Once your collection is uploaded, you will need to approve it. In the top menu, select the “Organization Summary and Downloads” option from the “Summary and Downloads” menu.
  17. Select the “Collections” tab and find the collection you just uploaded. Approve your collection by clicking the checkbox button to the right of your collection and then click on the “Approve All Selected Item” button in the lower menu. Approving your collection will notify the Credential Engine team to publish your collection.