Get Started: Select a Publishing Method and Data Type

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Select a Publishing Method

Credential Engine offers a range of options to facilitate the publication of data to the Credential Registry. These options provide flexibility and cater to different needs. Listed below are the available publishing options and step-by-step instructions on how to set up your account. It is important to note that utilizing any of these options requires the setup of a Credential Engine account. It is completely free for organizations to create an account and access the publishing features. The responsibility of publishing data lies with either the information owner or a designated third party acting on behalf of the organization.

Please be aware that the Credential Registry prohibits the publishing of any personally identifiable information. Consequently, all the options and tools provided below are exclusively meant for describing information related to credentials and the many additional types of information supported by the CTDL and Credential Registry. By leveraging these publishing options, organizations can conveniently share information about credentials, competency frameworks, pathway structures, their respective organizations and much more using the CTDL and the Credential Registry.

Explore the provided links to access detailed information about the available options and tools. 

Option Description User
Badge Publisher Tool Imports Open Badge information from badging platforms to publish to the Credential Registry. Staff with organizations offering badges and access to the badging platform.
Bulk Upload Provides options to select CTDL terms with a CSV template. Users download, populate, and upload to publish to the Credential Registry. Staff with organizations familiar with and having access to relevant information for the selected upload type.
Manual Entry Manual entry interface for small quantities of information. Staff with organizations familiar with and having access to relevant information for the selected manual entry.
Pathway Builder Interactive tool for building education and career pathways. Professionals designing or publishing education and career pathways.
Registry Publishing Assistant API API for publishing and maintaining currency of structured data from a database to the Credential Registry. Technical team members familiar with providing data via APIs.

Select a Data Type

Please refer to the chart below to select the appropriate data type for publication in the Registry. Each data type is accompanied by links to publishing instructions according to the respective tool.

You can learn more about the range of data that is supported by the Credential Registry Publishing System with the CTDL Handbook.  Learn about Minimum Credential Registry Data Requirements and Recommended Benchmark Models

Additionally, visiting the Credential Finder  is a valuable opportunity to familiarize yourself with the data present in the Registry. By exploring the Credential Finder, you can interact with the actual data and gain firsthand knowledge of its structure and contents.

It’s important to note that each type of information listed below offers numerous CTDL terms that enable you to create robust and detailed descriptions. These descriptions can include essential details such as requirements, costs, financial assistance, and much more. By utilizing the available CTDL terms, you can provide comprehensive and informative descriptions for the following types of information.



Description  API Badge Publisher Bulk Upload Manual Entry Pathway Builder CTDL JSON LD Ingest
Quality Assurance Actions These are instances of quality assurance to organizations, credentials, learning opportunities, assessments or other resources.  Publish Actions via API Publish Actions via Bulk Upload
Assessments Describes the key characteristics of an assessment for a credential.  Publish Assessments via API Publish Assessments via Bulk Upload Publish Assessments via Manual Entry Publish Assessments via Pathway Builder
Competency Frameworks and Collections Measurable or observable knowledge, skill, or ability necessary to successful performance of a person. Publish Competency Frameworks and Collections via API Publish Competency Frameworks and Collections via Bulk Upload Publish Competency Frameworks and Collections via Manual Entry Publish Competency Frameworks and Collections via Pathway Builder
Concept Schemes Controlled vocabulary Publish Concept Schemes via API Publish Concept Schemes via Bulk Upload Publish Concept Schemes via Manual Entry
Courses Single structured sequence of one or more educational activities that aims to develop a prescribed set of competencies of learners. Publish Courses via API Publish Courses via Bulk Upload Publish Courses via Manual Entry Publish Courses via Pathway Builder
Credentials Qualification, achievement, personal or organizational quality, or aspect of an identity typically used to indicate suitability.   Publish Credentials via API Publish Credentials via Badge Publisher Publish Credentials via Bulk Upload Publish Credentials via Manual Entry Publish Credentials via Pathway Builder
Jobs Set of responsibilities based on work roles within an occupation as defined by an employer. Publish Jobs via API Publish Jobs via Bulk Upload
Learning Opportunities Entity describing an educational or training opportunity. Publish Learning Opportunities via API Publish Learning Opportunities via Bulk Upload Publish Learning Opportunities via Manual Entry Publish Learning Opportunities via Pathway Builder
Learning Programs Set of learning opportunities that leads to an outcome, usually a credential like a degree or certificate. Publish Learning Programs via API Publish Learning Programs via Bulk Upload Publish Learning Programs via Manual Entry
Occupations Profession, trade, or career field that may involve training and/or a formal qualification. Publish Occupations via API Publish Occupations via Bulk Upload
Organizations Includes Credential Organizations, QA Organizations, and other organizations such as employers.  Publish Organizations via API Publish Organizations via Bulk Upload Enter Additional Organizational Data via Manual Entry
Outcome Data Aggregate outcomes such as completion and employment rates, and post-program completion earnings. Publish Outcome Data via API Publish Outcome Data via Bulk Upload
Pathways A structured set of education and career pathway components to fulfill a goal or objective.  Publish Pathways via API Publish Pathways via Pathway Builder
Progression Models Model of identifiable points along a developmental progression including increasing levels of competence, achievement or temporal position (e.g., “Second Quarter”). Publish Progression Models via API Guidance coming soon! Guidance coming soon!
Rubrics A structured and systematic evaluation tool used to assess performance, quality, and/or criteria. The CTDL model for rubrics has been defined so that it is widely applicable beyond people and competences, so it is also relevant to appraising organizational capabilities and measures of quality or suitability of products, services and other things. Publish Rubrics via API Publish Rubrics via Bulk Upload
Support Services Resources and assistance that help people overcome barriers to succeed in their education and career goals. Publish Support Services via API Publish Support Services via Bulk Upload
Tasks Specific activity, typically related to performing a function or achieving a goal. Publish Tasks via API Publish Tasks via Bulk Upload
Transfer Values Transfer value of a resource such as credits.  Publish Transfer Values via API Publish Transfer Values via Bulk Upload
Work Roles Collection of tasks and competencies that embody a particular function in one or more jobs. Publish Work Roles via API Guidance coming soon!

If you have further questions or need more information, feel free to contact us. To get started with any of these options, create your free Credential Engine account by following the instructions provided here.